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For several centuries, guitar and chants zambra's echoes have resounded together on the banks of the river Dauro along the Valparaiso Valley. Musicians from all over the world come to Granada to get inspired by the magic of the Alhambra. The Sacromonte neigbourhood is a wild paradise formed by hundreds of caves where flamenco thrives. Sacromonte is in the heart of Granada, an international meeting point for musicians, artists, and poets since inmemorial times. The local community preserve and blend these ancient influences with their creativity. It's this artistic community that puts the Sacromonte on the global map.

Producciones Dauromonte is an independent record and management agency born as the result of collaboration with both local emerging musicians and proffesionals from five continents. Our music is created inside a Sacromonte cave, a magical environment with views of the Alhambra. Focused on devising new musical schemes, Producciones Dauromonte fuses flamenco with traditional worldmusic and new trends in electronic music within Gypsy’s values of purity, freedom, and improvisation. Our goal is to contribute to the Sacromonte’s artistic legacy through our music.





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